Dance Holiday Instructors

We have a wonderful selection of instructors, many of whom have been providing tuition on our holidays since we started. Tuition is always very popular on our holidays. Click on the instructors to see the events that they will be involved with..


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Learning and understanding dance over a long weekend with two or three nights’ evening dancing to practice what you have learnt that day is inspiring, (and tiring). But what you bring from the weekend is knowledge from world class competitive dancers who have seen it and done it.

Their depth of knowledge of technique, poise and balance, presentation, choreography and understanding why and how some dancers have a presence on the floor – and others don’t – will enthral and engage you to want to know more and more.


Intensive Weekends are recognised by all those who have taken part to be the best way of improving their dancing for very simple reasons…

  • The tuition is provided by experts who truly and fully understand their specialist subject.
  • Technique is delivered in step by step easy to understand masterclasses which are the ‘building blocks’ on which you develop and improve your dancing. With this knowledge, your personal choreography in each dance genre becomes easier because you raise your awareness of why and how each amalgamation (routine/step) happens and its effect on your next…
  • Each session is based on the ability and standard of those in the group… for example, beginners/social dancers or skilled/competent dancers and therefore you learn at your pace with others of the same ability.
  • Masterclasses delivered by world class tutors over four/five hours during two days significantly aids retention
  • The time to practice what you are taught on the same day enables you to ‘bed in’ the detail whilst it is fresh in your mind.
  • The relaxed atmosphere of this holiday with nothing to distract you, and knowing that your room is only a few yards away, all provide the environment to retain learning.
  • The dancers around you on the holiday have the same aspirations, making the experience a shared one. Being able to watch others as they work through what they have been taught helps and inspires you to do the same.
  • The masterclasses are held in a very convivial atmosphere, made even better by the witty and fun teaching style – as a result, the learning experience is relaxed and memorable. Believe us, serious learning can be fun and informal.
  • At the end of the session the instructors will  demonstrate the steps as a couple and individually, male and female parts, for you to video to take home so you can refer back to them.