Holidays for lovers of Ballroom, Latin and Sequence Dancing

More than 70 Dance Holidays a Year

More than 70 dance holidays Ballroom, Latin and Sequence

We are the premier dance holiday company in the UK, providing high quality Ballroom, Latin and Sequence dance holidays throughout the year at destinations across the UK and Europe. Regardless of whether you are looking for a holiday for next month or next year we will have something to suit your budget. Read More

UK Dance Holidays

UK ballroom Latin Dancing

Over the years we have collected a selection of hotels from Yorkshire to the West Country, and from Wales to Norfolk. These are tried and tested venues which have been providing good value accommodation and dance facilities for years. We are also adding to our venue list each year. Read More


European Dance Holidays

Dance Holidays in European locations

We have a selection of continental destinations where you can get a tan along with night after night of fabulous dancing. These holidays range from one week to 11 days, although we do have a 5 day “taster” holiday in Calpe Spain in 2013. Read More

Dance Tuition Holidays

Dance Holidays with Top Notch Dance Tuition

Many of our holidays include free tuition. Holidays with dance instruction are always popular, and are a real opportunity to improve your dancing in a relaxed environment. Read More

Dancing Weekends

Weekend Dance Holidays

We have dance weekend getaway holidays which have dancing on Friday and Saturday nights. In some cases there is also dancing on Sunday night too. Read More

Midweek Dance Breaks

Mid-week dance holiday breaks

Our midweek breaks run from Monday to Friday although we usually offer a three night option if you can’t get away for all five days. Read More

Not Just Dancing

Dance holidays across the UK and in Europe

Don’t forget the holidays are in lovely parts of the country and there are plenty of local attractions and sights to see. Read More

Special Annual Events

Annual dance holiday events

We have special events to celebrate things like New Years Eve and Valentines day. We also run our own Ballroom Dance Festival and a Black and White Ball Week.
Read More

Genuine Funny Customer Complaints… Not About Us Though!

A selection of funny customer complaints received by Thomas Cook. Continue reading

Flights on continental holidays…

Ok, confusion reigns, we are so sorry, but we knew it would happen… To clarify The new law means we can’t market a ‘package’ ourselves in the brochure… But if you ring our office we CAN arrange flights for you … Continue reading

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Each year we produce a glossy brochure of our holidays. If you would like a copy we will send you one in the post for free.


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Excellent Ballroom Facilities

Whenever you join us for a dance break, you can be certain your ballroom dance floor will be spacious, and with a quality finish. All our floors are wooden or laminate ( even our continental ballroom floors – we never use hotels with marble floors) and we give our partner hotels ‘guidance’ on how to look after the floor to keep the finish in tip top ‘dancing’ condition.

Without doubt the most superior ballroom floor we dance on is at the Wessex hotel in Street Somerset. The room used to be used as the hotel restaurant and for the previous forty years, the floor was covered with carpet until the current owners purchased the hotel and had a peek under the carpet to find a beautiful ballroom floor.



Four years ago we showed them how to prepare, varnish and seal the floor and it has been untouched since which leaves possibly the best surface we dance on. Moreover, whilst the floor is not sprung, being under the carpet for so long the floor naturally ‘gives’ underfoot and creates a wonderful non tiring experience.

Similarly, at the Paddocks hotel the ballroom floor has recently been stripped and completely refurbished and again given it has been in situ for thirty years the floor gives naturally and we rate the ‘danceability’ of the floor to be as good as the the Wessex Hotel.

But where ever you dance with us you can be sure we have sourced the largest and best ballroom floors currently available in the Uk for our holidays.

Cape Town – Once in a Lifetime…

Cape Town South Africa is a fascinating region, an exciting, vibrant and beautiful city with much to do and see. Come join us for this unique opportunity and we promise you a dance holiday you will remember for all time. Read More

Dance holiday in Cape Town South Africa