Geoff and Lynn

We received the DVD a few days ago and, already, it has been played several times. It is amazing how quickly one forgets the steps and even the timing, let alone the finer points of style and technique. This video is enabling us to revisit the difficult parts time and time again. The facility to run it in slow motion is particularly helpful in absorbing technique. We will definitely be adding these figures to our repertoire but, more importantly, we hope to impove our waltz and quickstep in general by application of the valuable style and technique lessons. The organisation of the DVD into chapters was very helpful and was an excellent aid to navigation. We thought the £25 was a tad expensive, but nevertheless, very worthwhile as the DVD will serve to ‘lock in’ what we learnt on the holiday. We will definitely be purchasing a DVD on next year’s holiday, so please continue to offer it!

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