I wanted to write to express my delight at the most enjoyable weekend I have just spent at the Durrant Hotel, Bideford.
Your stand in host Peter Tebby was a pleasure to meet and I thoroughly enjoyed his choice of music. Many thanks to him and Christine for being such friendly pleasant hosts, and for the wealth of knowledge that he was imparting to me.

The highlight of the weekend was the dance tuition from Mark and Olga. Their charm and professionalism was second to none, and the classes gave us some wonderful figures to put into our routine.

The best moment for me was when Mark, whilst doing their demonstration of the Viennese waltz, chose me to partner him for a wonderful turn on the dance floor.
It was my birthday weekend, which made it all the more special, and I was riding high for the whole of the stay.

Many thanks for a fabulous time. I look forward to the next.


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