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If you love to dance, you have come to the right place…! Dance Breaks is the leading social dance holiday company in the UK, with a wide choice of  UK and Continental dancing holidays at great prices.

Carole and I want to immediately put you at your ease and emphasise your standard/ability of dancing… is not a prerequisite to enjoying our holidays.

It’s about enjoying the fabulous social experience with like minded people, who just love to dance. To be in an environment where everyone is friendly, and shares the same interest and love of dance, is to be in a place of comfort and warmth. From the moment you arrive you see faces you know, you share a nod, a smile, a handshake… and you feel immediately at ease, and relaxed. This is our world.

Established in 1999, we have 8000 plus couples on our mailing list, from beginners … to the majority… who are social dancers. Competent and skilled dancers and many amateur competitors regularly join us on our breaks as they enjoy the fabulous music and the guaranteed space.

Our music collection is recognised as one of the best and most up to date in the UK as the success of the holidays allows us to buy virtually every CD that is produced… and we only select the most infectious and upbeat Latin, beautiful and stunning ballroom tracks… and as we use the same criteria for sequence, it means you will be dancing to some of the best music you have ever heard.

Because Carole and I are dancers ourselves, we recognise you want space to dance, so we never overfill a holiday. When we choose a new hotel our starting point is always, the floor. We can look at a floor and know instantly how many rooms we can sell to ensure you always have room to dance… and we never exceed that limit.

All our partner hotels consider Carole and I to be very demanding clients and they know we only choose to work with hotels/venues who are willing to go that extra mile for our guests. All have comfortable rooms, a fine ballroom with good sized wooden floor, wholesome food, and friendly and helpful staff.

With three staff in our office and the latest bespoke computer systems, our reputation for attention to every detail of your holiday booking is well established as the best in the business. If you have a question or a query, there is always someone knowledgeable to answer your call and in the event you leave a message we will return your message within 24 hours.

Everything about your holiday has been thought through from the room allocation to the table plan in the restaurant. If you are taking tuition, we want to know your ability so you are placed in a group that suits your skills to ensure your experience is a positive one. Your itinerary explains every aspect of the break, and is sent you 7-14 days before the holiday… and if you want to speak to Carole and I personally, we will return your call on our return to the office.

Our guests can book with confidence knowing the holiday will always go ahead, because in the event holiday numbers are low, we can draw on our huge mailing list, who are delighted to be invited to dance at their local venue, thus creating for you a wonderful holiday dancing ambience.

Moreover, Carole and I know that, ‘things happen’, and life sometimes can cause havoc with your holiday plans. Holidaying with our specialist genre, rather than one of the big boys, means once we have got to know you, changing your holiday to another in our offering is not a problem and you never lose your deposit. The closer you are to your holiday the more challenging it becomes, but Carole and I take the view if we can help, we will do all we can… even to the extent of selling your holiday to another guest.

Our guests tell us, our aspiration to offer our dancers the best value for money holidays, comfortable hotels with good food, fine ballrooms, the most beautiful and up to date music for dancing… together with a well organised and professional back office organisation, is unsurpassed in our industry…..

Welcome to our world!

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