Midweek Holiday without Tuition

Example Itinerary: Midweek Holiday without Tuition



Breakfast: – 8.00am. to 9.30am
Dinner: – 6.30pm In the Restaurant

Ladies please note, the ballroom has a superb dance floor, with great acoustics.
However, if external doors are opened for cool fresh air, and this makes for a
wonderfully comfortable temperature on the dance floor, for ladies, when not
actively participating in the dancing, a “wrap” may be appropriate.

Dancers, we have asked the hotel not to serve dinner until everyone is seated. For those considering pre-dinner drinks, please leave plenty of time to ensure you do not delay dinner being served on time.

Monday Night

Please take the opportunity during your Sherry Reception to order wine for your table, if you have not already done so.
Sherry Reception: 6.00pm. in the Ballroom
Dinner: 6.30pm In the Restaurant.
Dancing: 8.30pm. to 10.30pm
Dress Code Smart Casual

Tuesday Night

Dinner: 6.30pm In the Restaurant
Formal Ball from 8.30pm to 10.30pm.
Dress Code: DJ/Dark Suit / Evening Gown/Cocktail Dress
Please do dress for dinner to create the atmosphere for the occasion.

Wednesday Night

Dinner 6.30pm In the Restaurant
Dancing: 8.30pm – 10.30pm
Dress Code: Smart Casual

Thursday Night

Dinner 6.30pm In the Restaurant
Dancing 8.30pm – 10.30pm Caribbean Party Night
Dress Code: Very bright and colourful!
Please do dress for dinner to create the atmosphere for the occasion.

Dancers, many of our guests are often surprised (and initially disappointed) when they see only two hours’ dancing every evening. Carole and I have been hosting mid-week breaks now for nearly ten years, and we have found that eight hours’ dancing over four days, is still too much for many of our guests. When we say ‘too much’ by Wednesday/Thursday night the floor is often less than half full, as we all have only so much energy. Added to that, with your explorations and sightseeing during the day, our experience has proven, the time allocated to dancing would more than fulfil your expectations. However, Carole and I would be delighted to extend any evening’s dancing if you would like us to do so. We use a phrase “if you have the energy, we have the music” and therefore, if as a group, you would like any extra dancing, you only need ask.

Finally, at Dance Breaks we ask all our guests to be considerate of others both on the dance floor and, in particular, we ask that dancers do not assume that because they sat in one set of seats on the first night that those seats are theirs for the remainder of the break. We do not encourage people to leave shoes/bags on seats or tables….. we would simply ask you if seating is somehow important to you?…. please arrive at the ballroom early after dinner.


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Please note this is a generic itinerary and is intended to give you an idea of the format for this type of holiday but is not for any specific holiday.[/callout]
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All Midweek Holidays

Aug : 19th – 23rd (Mon – Fri)
Midweek Summer Ball

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Dec : 9th – 14th (Mon – Sat)
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What’s Included:

Ballroom, Latin & Popular Sequence Dancing * Dinner and B&B * Sherry Reception * Formal Ball * Hosted by Paul & Carole Eden with the renowned Eden Nights music collection

4 nights dancing & 1 Tea dance

Use of the ballroom for practice during the day sometimes time specified

Overnight parking charge £15 per night payable direct to the hotel on arrival

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