Fernando & Stania


Fernando and Stania

Argentinian Tango is their first love, and it shows through in their teaching…

Working with us now since 2008, Fernando and Stania have been teaching on all our South West breaks and each every holiday has sold out.

Leading from the chest, rather than the hip, and having a relaxed hold rather than rigid is a ‘whole new learning curve’ but Fernando and Stania are very experienced at ‘converting’ ballroom dancers to this new style of dancing.

They enjoy that although many ballroom dancers join them as AT novices, because they understand the process of learning, they pick up AT much quicker than outright beginners and so Fernando and Stania see instant results when teaching our guests.

Many couples who started with us in their early years went on to take private lessons with their local AT teachers and are now very proficient in the genre… They say they owe it all to Fernando, who transferred his love of the dance to them and within them.

That’s Argentine Tango for you…. Join Fernando and Stania and learn this lovely genre…

Fernando and Stania’s Website

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