Our system works by requiring you to have a username and password to access your account. The initial registration may seem a bit daunting by sending you an email with a username formed from the first part of you email address and a system generated complex password.  Here is some advice to make the process easier to remember.

Tip 1: Use your registered email address to login. The system accepts both your username and your email address. As you are more likely to remember your email address then use it to login.

Tip 2: We recommend that as soon as you receive your registration email with username and password, you use the “Forgotten your password?” link to change the password to something you are comfortable with. The current system does not have a ‘change your password’ function but by using the “Forgotten your password?” process you can change it to something you can remember. You will be sent an email containing a password reset link.  Please check your inbox. 

Tip 3: If you change your password then immediately get an error page stating “Unauthorised” or “401 error” Then please return to the My Bookings page and try logging in again.

For technical support please email:- support@nulldancebreaks.com


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