Covid-19 Example Hotel Guidance

This is the guidance issued by one of our hotels just to show you the care and attention they have taken to ensure our stay with them is safe.

We have heightened and enhanced our cleaning procedures to include extensive cleaning of shared surfaces, high traffic areas and touch points throughout the day.
Hand Sanitisers are located in all public areas.
Our public toilets have disposable paper towels for drying your hands.
We do ask that Guests staying with us try to use the Bathrooms in their own bedrooms where possible to reduce contact and crowding.
Our Staff members will be wearing face masks or face coverings when in public areas of the hotel.
Signage is in place in all public areas with advice on safe distancing, hygiene, hand sanitising and hand washing.
There is signage on our lift and we are asking that all guests do use hand sanitiser before entering the lift. We ask that you do not share the lift with anyone that you do not live with, or that is not in your social bubble.
When in the hotel and public areas we do ask that you follow the social distancing measures of at least one meter.
If you wish to open a room account for any extras, food or drink throughout your stay we will need to take your card details and hold these on file. You can contact reception to do this.
If you did not book directly with the hotel, you will need to supply an email address to the reception team, if you will require a copy of your bill on check out.
Your Accommodation
Every bedroom and room key will be thoroughly sanitised before each stay. With an appropriate sanitising solution killing Covid-19, this solution is harmless to you and our staff. Each room will be thoroughly aired out and left for a number of hours prior to a new guest’s arrival.
After the rooms have been sanitised no one is permitted to enter the room prior to our new guests check in to ensure no contamination occurs prior to your arrival.
All surfaces are thoroughly wiped down and cleaned prior to your arrival.
All linen and laundry is washed to the recommended high heat to ensure cleanliness.
All room information folders, or reusable printed materials and leaflets have been removed from each room to ensure no cross contamination.
We have also removed all non-essential items such as cushions, throws, alarm clocks, room telephone and ironing boards etc from the bedrooms. Should you require any of these items please ring a member of our reception team.
Daily servicing by our housekeeping team will not be available at this time. We will re look at this in the coming weeks.

Food & drink
We welcome you to dine with us in the designated dining area for the group. Tables have been arranged with correct distancing measures in place.
We ask for your assistance in organising seating prior to arrival in accordance to guests travelling together, as under current guidelines we understand there may be two households travelling together and will need this identified in advance as seating will be fixed.
Breakfast and Dinner dining times will be given to you on check in in the welcome speech. It is imperative that you adhere to the set times as these will be arranged to ensure a safe capacity of guests in the dining area at any one time. The dining room will be opened 30 minutes prior to allow for a steady arrival of guests to the dining room and will commence once everyone is comfortably seated.
We have adjusted our dining areas to ensure all diners are a minimum of 1-2 metres apart.
We will be offering cooked full breakfast for you to enjoy during your stay. Unfortunately, the breakfast buffet will not be set out for our guests use as these are not permitted due to government guidelines, however items can be requested by your server.
To maintain the social distancing guidelines, we will offer a full table service in the restaurant and ask that you do not visit the bar.
In the Main Bar Area, we ask that you stick to the social distancing measures set out when waiting to order.
We are asking that guests who are staying with us use the bathrooms in their bedrooms where possible.
Hand sanitisers are set up at the entry and exit points to use and should be used every time you enter or exit dining areas.

A printed room bill will be available at the reception desk on check out for any extras you have ordered.
To check out, simply visit the reception desk on your way out of the hotel and put your key on the reception desk, letting our receptionist know your room number.
Please note that check out is no later than 10am.
We will then automatically take payment for any extras using the debit or credit card details we hold on file, should you have any queries with your room bill, please call and speak to our receptionists on 01237472361, who would be happy to discuss this with you.
If you did not book directly with us at the hotel, you will need to supply an email address to the reception team if you require a copy of your bill.
We ask that you use the hand sanitisers before leaving the hotel.

Staff Training
Our Management teams have undergone comprehensive infection control, safeguarding and Covid-19 related training on how to prevent the contagion of Covid-19 or any other infections/viruses. We will continue to elevate our training as best practices evolve.
All of our staff members have been given comprehensive training on the prevention of spreading Covid-19 prior to returning to work.
Further training on PPE, Correct Hygiene and Our new measures and procedures has also taken place with all of our staff members before their return to the workplace.
Should any staff member show any of the symptoms of Covid-19 they will be immediately sent home from the workplace and asked to quarantine following guidelines.
Hand sanitising stations are located at all entry and exit points, in the back offices, reception, behind the bars and each member of our team has also been given a refillable hand sanitiser to carry around on them for their own personal use.
We will be giving staff regular breaks to ensure adequate hand washing takes place.
All staff have been given an information booklet, prior to starting back at work, explaining our new measures and procedures and including the information from all of their training on infection control and PPE.
Please note all of the above guidelines and procedures may change at any time following the latest government advice.