We and our venues are constantly reviewing the covid-19 regulations and are satisfied we are still working within the required criteria and indeed our guests on recent holidays have been entirely satisfied with all our covid precautions. Our holidays are limited to 15 couples maximum and split into two groups of 8 couples on the floor to stay covid safe……

Evening dancing times

Regular guests will notice I have reduced the dancing time to two hours for Fri and Sat Night!? IF we were to have a holiday with only 15 couples in ‘normal times’ I would also reduce the dancing to 2 hours as holidays with reduced numbers of guests tend to run out of steam pretty quickly and as such, I prefer to set a time for finish to ensure guests don’t drift away tired later in the evening and the event ends like a damp squib because there are only a few dancers!!?? Given there are only 15 couples on this break and the dancing ambience will be ‘stilted’ as I will be splitting you into appropriate groups for the busier dances for safe social distancing, I also know from previous recent holidays that stamina levels will not be as high as normal with many of you not having danced for 5 or more months, and so have reduced the evenings to two hours.

Table plans

We have pre-asked you about shared dining preferences in the current climate and those who have indicated they are happy to share a table with others will have already been advised who they are sitting with pre arrival. Guests who have not specified will be seated in individual couples. If you want to change any of these arrangements, it is essential we know in advance to set up the restaurant with covid precautions..

Our hotels also provide their own guidance for guest. Here is an example

Example Hotel Guidance

Guests who have stayed with us during this period have expressed their support and confidence in the measures we are taking

I was always going to write to you regarding the weekend in Torquay. From my perspective it was a time of investigation on a number of levels. I was quite nervous about dancing again following the longest break I’ve had in 40 years of dancing. This hasn’t been helped by the conflicting and confusing guidance from our government and other professional bodies.  It was reassuring to speak with you and learn you have studied all manner of Covid legislation and managed to pick the bones out of it and draw a common sense, compassionate and understanding approach which has allowed you to balance the uncertainty and fear people are feeling with an obvious desire they have to return to dancing. It leaves me with an unchanged opinion of you which I’ve had for a number of years. You have a desire to provide the public with the best possible service you can in giving them what they want. Not withstanding the gymnastics you’ve obviously had to endure with all sorts of (necessary) red tape, you managed it with a grace and elegance which belies the hard work which nobody gets to see.  This last weekend in Torquay has been inspirational as I have observed you “listening” to and “observing” and then responding to a liquid and potentially volatile situation. I have nothing but sincere admiration and respect for how you are moving on and out of this pandemic while staying true to helping people see it is completely possible to create a new and better “normal” experience both on and off the dance floor. I have seen first hand it’s not always necessary to work hard however, working smart is the answer. In my opinion that’s exactly what you’ve done. Thank you for offering the opportunity to dance again and learn from observing you. Sincerely, I have come away from the weekend with more than I can tell you.

Marie & Paul

Firstly to say it was lovely to see you both albeit at a social distance . Elbows at the ready and kisses in the air !! Secondly, the holiday was a delight . Francis and I have not been on a dance floor since early March so we wondered if we could still dance at all. The floor space was a bonus….I mean ..really…. when have we ever been blessed with so much space ?! Your planning for the dancing was perfect, only seven couples on the floor for freestyle, no floor craft to worry about….we loved it !! And everyone was so considerate in the sequence dances….it felt safe and joyful. And finally to say THANK YOU. Because I know how much effort and planning goes into creating events even in normal times…..more than double the work for you in this strange period. The Grand Hotel was so well organised, completely safe. Yes – we missed your company and hilarity at dinner………but we also enjoyed our romantic table for two …..everything has its own gift. So please know you are much appreciated. Dancing is the best activity for Mind Body and Spirit…….so come on everyone…..get back on the floor !!!

Lynn and Francis

Other Testimonials

Best dance tuition I have ever had, Well prepared and taught through lesson, and plenty of practice and reinforcement, which is overlooked in most lessons. Good that some are brave and resourceful enough to carry on at this time, or there would be nothing available for dancers 

— George Tudor-hart

We very much enjoy the opportunity to dance and think that it is really good that you are doing this even though it is not (very) profitable. Thank you.

— Mark McCaffrey

Lovely weekend thoroughly enjoyed. Lack of numbers did not spoil the experience, in fact helped with lots of space on the dance floor for a beginner standard. Music was good throughout. Clean and safe hotel.

— Frances Reid

Having worked with buildings I'm perhaps too critical, but I would describe the hotel as a rather tired 70s building that has had an internal cosmetic refurb. However the hotel was clean, warm, comfortable & everything worked. The food and the service were good in the restaurant, and the staff friendly and helpful. Staff and guests all followed corvid precautions with the exception of one couple who did not wear masks. There may have been a good reason for this, but if so we would have liked them to keep their distance more than they did on some occasions. Nine days after returning from the holiday we and our friends are all well. The ballroom was excellent, a real pleasure to dance after a break of seven months. The dancing was well organised and we felt safe on the dance floor. We are now planning our next holiday.

— Derek Jones

Loved every minute of holiday. We did not do tuition owing to timing, but would certainly do it next time. Thought the mix of ballroom and sequence was spot on and Paul played all the well known sequence dances so no one was left out, which was great. Bookings went smoothly, no problems at all. Everything explained professionally and timely. Great holiday, felt totally safe, everyone friendly and professional, so good to be dancing once again after so long. A big thank you to Paul and Carole for all their hard work in giving us this opportunity to dance and socialize again, would certainly recommend to anyone wishing for a great dance holiday.

— Elaine Holland

We did have serious concerns prior to the holiday but we felt very safe and comfortable with all the coved precautions. There was plenty of space in the ballroom and everyone respected each other's space. A great holiday, so good to dance after 8 months even if we couldn't always remember the steps. We really enjoyed ourselves. Well done!,

— Pamela Handy

Another fantastic break with Paul and Carole have everything in control even in these unprecedented times. All regulations met to ensure this was a Covid safe environment. Social distancing adhered to on and off the dance floor. The hotel itself are also following guidelines strictly which all meant that we felt in a very safe environment to enjoy our weekend. Many thanks xx

Everything carries risk at present but Durrant House and Dancebreaks we're reassuringly thorough in their care and precautions. Lockdown had left our dancing a rusting remnant of what we expected, but it was good to take the first remedial steps in such a supportive setting. Thank you

— Brian Ellis

Lovely to be able to get away from stresses of life and work in a hospital at these tough times to relax in beautiful scenery in Devon and get the chance to dress up and dance which is such a joy! It felt as safe as it could be in the ballroom - lots of space between couples and everyone very respectful of keeping apart. Great selection of music too! Thanks for helping us keep dancing safely

— Dawn Smith

: It was good to be able to step out and dance to good music after such a long lockdown and furlough from dancing. Under the rapidly changing government covid guidelines you made the event very relaxing and we thoroughly enjoyed dancing again.

— Bruce Fox

We really enjoyed the recent dance break at the Wessex in Street that you hosted. It was all very well organised, seemed Covid safe as could be and wonderful music and dance floor. So good to be able to dance again! Assuming no further gov restrictions we are thinking of booking another holiday shortly

— Dawn and Tony

Despite the current Covid restrictions the weekend was thoroughly enjoyable as always. The atmosphere was great and we look forward to another dance break soon. Thank you Paul and Carol for giving us this opportunity to keep dancing

— Linda Bloomfield

Was apprehensive regarding COVID but felt very safe, also wondered if a small group you would get the good atmosphere but it worked really well so very pleased, we throughly enjoyed ourselves. Thank you very much

— Dave Collins

August bank holiday weekend; our first dancing since March. How much will we have forgotten and how would Covid dancing work? Clear information (and instructions) from Paul gave confidence. The hotel was well organised and, while staff were masked, it all felt relaxed and welcoming. We could socially distance during the day and for the meals so that everyone could be comfortable with their space. The dancing worked really well as every couple was separated out around the sides and again could keep in their bubble if they wished. There was space on the dance floor and for the Saturday, when there were more dancers, for the popular dances half the group danced, then the other half to prevent any overcrowding. It was great to get the dance shoes on again although we will have trailed rust all over the floor. We felt comfortable and safe throughout, so well done 

— Peter and Morene

Thank you again for organising a lovely weekend of dancing. We were very impressed with your attention to detail in order to make the event covid safe, Limiting the number of dancers, allowing us to sit at our own table to maintain social distancing made the whole experience more reassuring. The hotel also played its part in reducing the risk to us all whilst maintaining a high level of customer service. If anybody is feeling concerned about dancing again safely, I would like to reassure them that you have done everything possible to minimise the risk. It was great to be back dancing again and we are feeling much fitter and more energised as a result. We are looking forward to booking another weekend soon.

— Jacqueline and Chris

So glad you let us know about the Torquay weekend, we had a great time and loved the Abbeysands floor. The split group dancing worked really well; I think it made everyone feel comfortable that they were still maintaining distance and staying safe and it was clear the hotel were doing their best to maintain Covid guidelines as well. Whilst we were both keen to get back to dancing we weren't sure how it was all going to work and whether the current situation may spoil our enjoyment but we had no need to worry as everything worked well and it felt like a wonderful bit of normality. Can't wait to book another break.

— Karen & Pete

Thank you so much for looking after us so well during this dance holiday in Torquay. Hotel and food was excellent, we have a table for two feel safe and not to mention the romantic side of it.😘 Dancing was take it in turns all comprises to social distancing. Smiling faces throughout. I see your brochure has one again in Abbey Sands at the end of November, we love to go again.

— Mike and Angela

Thank you once again for a lovely weekend. We felt the social distancing rules were rigorously applied both on the dance floor and in the hotel. As always the dancing was well organised and enjoyable. Thank you for making us feel safe to take to the floor again and for an enjoyable time. We will be able to reassure our dancing friends that they too can enjoy a dance break where all the rules are observed but good dancing is still very much the case.

— Roy and Hazel

We were delighted to be back dancing last weekend at Torquay. We found all the arrangements to be well thought out and can confirm that we felt perfectly safe. The restaurant and dancing seating was within all the guidelines with sanitising fluids readily available. Thank you once again for a great weekend.

— Roy and Marilyn

Thank you so much for our brilliant w/e which we both thoroughly enjoyed. We felt very safe both in the Hotel and the Ballroom and appreciated all the changes and conditions that you made for the dance to be such a success. It was great to meet old friends and also make new ones. Looking forward to our next dancing break.

— Barbara & Cliff

What a joy to get back to dancing after our enforced break and I can't think of a better way to do it other than with Thoughtful planning and communication gave us lots of confidence. Add to this the space to dance, seating options for dining and in the ballroom, the opportunity for much needed practice when the ballroom was free, mix in the usual top quality music to make a fabulous break. Thank you so much Paul and Carole... we will be joining you again when we can.

— Margaret Worthington