Safe to dance….?

Safe to dance…..?
Hello dancers..
Just completed a fabulous holiday at the Wessex hotel In Street…. 15 very happy couples who thought they could not remember a thing after 5 months, but after initial hiccups, and some fabulous music, muscle memory kicked in… And the smiles on everyone’s faces was palpable….!!! It was also very noticeable how, even after just two nights dancing, stamina clearly affected most dancers and after three nights, many went home happy but exhausted!
Please see their comments below………..and at the end of this email….

thanks again for a very enjoyable weekends dancing.
As far as the management of numbers and arrangement of dancers to floor space etc, my view is that you managed it very well and at no time did I feel that there was any undue risks. The Wessex staff also managed the general hotel covid restrictions as well as they could and no criticism from me there. All in all a good restart to dancing and both Mary and I are looking forward to the next event. MARTIN & MARY CARTER

Dear Paul and Carol, Thank you so much again for a wonderful dance weekend in Street. I was a bit nervous to be there but didn’t need to be because I felt totally safe! We felt comfortable in the hotel with all their safety measures and you made it very safe on the dance floor with only 15 couples and putting us in groups A and B so that not everyone was on the dance floor at the same time. This did not affect the atmosphere which was super as always and your music was as beautiful as always.

It was just fantastic to have the opportunity to dance again after such a long time, thanks to you! My whole body and my feet were aching afterwards which shows how unfit one can become by not dancing for 5 months and what great exercise dancing is.Our spirits were lifted and the whole weekend was just a highlight! We will never forget that you made this possible for us and showed us how safe it can be. Rgds Evelyn and Russell

Thank you for a lovely holiday. It was so nice to be dancing again, with so much space, and to see old friends and catch up with their news. You got the safety aspects just right, in that you provided the right conditions for people to social space to their own requirements. The music was as always great and there was some interesting new stuff.
Betty & Jim Hilliyer


We are now operating our holiday breaks under the same criteria as dance studios and dance schools have reopened. These restrictions proposed by the International Dance Teachers Association and adopted by the government

Our holidays are now…

Holiday Breaks with optional dance workshops and practice and rehearsal….

Maximum numbers 15 couples

Evening dance practice with AGREED BUBBLES on the dance floor at any one time.. Working within your own preferences and pre agreed bubbles….

All Breaks in covid safe environment during tuition and practice …. And throughout the hotel..

Your funds held in secure client account not accessible until the holiday commences to enable an immediate and prompt refund if the government have to move the goal posts at short notice….


2 NIGHTS from £179pp,
3 NIGHTS £235pp)
What our guests say……..
“THE CLOSEST YOU’LL GET TO FINE DINING, IN A GROUP SITUATION” ……(check our sample menus on our website)
” probably the most friendly and helpful staff we have experienced at a hotel”

D, B&B with optional private lessons with Cheryl Berisford plus practise times
Option to extend your stay before or after… Upgrades available…
…..Worried Torquay will be the same as, “that beach” in Bournemouth !?
This is a beautiful relaxing hotel with large gardens and open large balcony with seating next to the restaurant…… It is entirely feasible to get away for a completely relaxing break without leaving the hotel if that suits you……!
Carole & Paul look forward to welcoming old friends and new to this lovely dancing venue……. during the AUGUST Bank Holiday..
We cannot take bookings for this new holiday on our website… pls email me direct on my email below and we will manage your booking from there… we do not need a deposit if you have holidayed with us previously. We will invoice 10 days before the holiday itself..
Any questions? Pls don’t hesitate to mail direct on


Probably one of the finest dance floors in the South of England

SEPT 11/12/13


Late Summer Ball Weekend with optional Rumba tuition with Cheryl Berisford
From £149p 2 nights
or £195pp 3 nights

SEPT 18/19/21


SUMMER BALL WEEKEND with Optional Ballroom Tango Tuition with Lawrence and Emma
FROM £159pp 2 nights
£209pp 3 nights

THE RISK!!? Can it be managed if we are all sensible?
Carole and I fully appreciate all the, ‘difficulties’ and concerns, because of the mature age of the majority of our guests and I am sure you won’t be surprised that the variety and diversity of opinions about how, ‘safe’ it is to dance with others is truly,
and a total myriad,
mixed bag of schools of thought, and viewpoints…!!?
And so getting it right for everyone is more or less impossible….
But the one thing we do take from the maturity of our clients is the bulk of them have life experience and significant common sense, and we tend to agree with the majority of those we have spoken to…
That there is only a risk, …..if someone else is actually ill!?
WE further agree with our guests and believe that whilst it is indeed, …the hidden virus!? but unlike at the beginning of the pandemic, when we didn’t really understand the symptoms, because they kept being updated every day….
Today, we are all very aware of the symptoms, to be wary of….!?
Carole and I consider that we can further depend on that maturity and diversity of experience that all our guests have shielded and isolated to the ‘enth degree and wouldn’t dream of putting others at risk if they thought there was any chance that they themselves, could have covid….
And by the same measure they can trust their fellow dancers to have taken the same precautions ….and therefore the likely scenario of one person, ‘not knowing they were ill!? ‘ by proportion of the current population is at best 0.07% …according to today’s current government statistics….. for your information thats 35,000 in SIXTY SIX MILLION.
So we cannot say, ….and indeed wouldn’t dream of saying,
….it’s not impossible!!??
But taking that famous legal phrase….
on the balance of probabilities, taking all the above factors into account,
and then adding into the mix….
The hotel’s themselves have to be seen to be, and in fact, ARE totally maniacal about covid precautions for your stay…… And most are ensuring wherever possible, our group of dancers are in our own private bubble for dining and dance practice….
…. And we too, will ensure there is never more than the pre agreed bubble of dancers on the floor at any one time during practice….
It seems logical to our guests and to us, that the risk is at best, infinitesimal, but taking the worst scenario…. ‘manageable!?’ and to use another legal phrase, all, ‘reasonable’ precautions have been taken to minimise the likelihood of catching covid whilst on a holiday break…..
Indeed it is true to say you are actually encouraged and allowed to holiday in hotels, without apparent risk…..?
And taking the above factors into account, and here I am specifically talking about guests who have been extremely sensible in the last five months….. It is therefore likely that if our other guests are covid clear…. I return to their and our, initial point…..
That there is only a risk, …..if someone else is actually ill!?

Fully further appreciate that whatever our own analogy, some guests are still rightfully concerned about the risks and we accept we may not see you until next year and beyond, and we would say to you , stay safe and look after yourselves until you are satisfied the country has overcome this period in our history….. And Carole and I look forward to welcoming you again to enjoy your dancing.
However, If you are in agreement with the logic of the above scenario’s, then we are doing nothing different to the dance studios and dance schools …..except we are doing it in a relaxed and sociable environment with safe practise and rehearsal bubbles, which comply with guidelines for teaching dancing…..
Carole and I look forward to welcoming you back to our very social holidays whenever you are ready….
Please do browse our website for the rest of the year and the majority of our dates for next year are also available for booking….
Our foreign holidays to our luxury all inclusive Cyprus resort ( which has been relatively only lightly touched by covid is receiving lots of interest for this November and next March… And just an early, ‘heads up’ for our new venue… Another stunning resort, in Crete with luxury facilities and a beautiful ballroom with a wooden floor will come online in April just after Easter…
Dancers, we are available for any queries, by email direct to…

Having enjoyed a number of dancing holidays with Paul and Carole Eden over
the years, we were delighted that a way had been found to dance again safely
in a Covid-19 secure environment.
Our weekend break was held at The Wessex Hotel, Street which has a lovely
big dancefloor. The hotel had a number of sanitising stations in place
around the building, face coverings were worn by guests and staff in public
areas; the dining area had socially distanced tables etc. We sat opposite
each other to limit direct face to face contact with others. In the
ballroom, numbers were limited to 15 couples. I believe that each couple was
from a single household and we did not switch partners. For freestyle
ballroom and latin, numbers on the floor were limited to 7 couples (by the
allocation into two groups). For sequence, couples spread across the entire
floor and easily managed to socially distance. There was lots of space to
socially distance in the ballroom when not dancing. Hotel staff, Paul and
Carole and all the guests in the Dance Breaks party respected and complied
with Government guidance making the weekend safe and very enjoyable.
Nikki & David Spencer

We both felt completely safe in the hotel and for the dancing. We didn’t take any precautions over and above, but of course people could if they wanted to e.g. wearing masks in the evening. We just didn’t think that was necessary at all as everything was already so covid safe .
Ron & Louise

It was so wonderful to return to dancing after such a long break and I previously had not really considered it possible to dance in a covid secure environment, but as ever Paul and Carole pulled it off again, and had clearly thought out everything very carefully…. The hotel had also nailed it in all public areas and in the restaurant and in truth, I didn’t have covid concern in the three nights we were there…. And finally the icing on the cake, Pauls music just makes you want to dance and dance… Shame our stamina ran out so early ….. Well done Carole and Paul, and Thank You.
Anna and Geoff Schofield.

Carole and I hope all our regular guests will consider returning to dancing in the coming months as we continue to operate with a maximum 15 couples on each holiday to keep our guest safe until the virus recedes…..Our thanks as always to our guests who support all that we do…..

Stay safe everyone…
Paul & Carole

Cauleston House, Cauleston Close, Exmouth, Devon, EX8 3LY


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